A taste of our style.

We aren’t going to fill our website with countless projects and photos to overwhelm you because that’s not what custom home building is about (plus we already do that on social media, so if you want to see more about us – follow us on Instagram and Facebook).

We are skilled at custom renovations and new builds.

It’s already a stressful enough decision to commit to renovate or build a new home so we don’t want to add to that. Our online portfolio is kept minimal to give you a flavour of our true ability to do custom renovations and new builds. We have selected a few projects from past years that show our Mavrik-ability to adapt to various styles of projects. 

Projects big and small.

For renovations we tackle whole home renovations, additions, but we also do smaller projects like kitchen upgrades and basement renovations. We hope to give you just enough of a teaser to give you the courage to go one step further and reach out to us to start a conversation. We are committed to being friendly Mavrik’s so let’s start something.